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  • NEW inkomfeŽ Skin Repair with MLE.

Containing the NEW inkomfeŽ Marula Bar and the inkomfeŽ Original Skin Bar, this versatile skin bar i

  • NEW! inkomfeŽ Duo Bar.

If you are looking for softer, smoother, healthier skin then the New inkomfeŽ Duo Bar has been speci

  • NEW! inkomfeŽ Marula Bar.

The NEW inkomfeŽ Marula Bar is designed for all skin types, but especially for combination skin. So

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It all began with an idea, a powerful and simple truth - people with problems want solutions. inkomfeŽ is driven by this simple truth and it permeates the essence of our thinking and the products we create.

Today inkomfeŽ combines thousands of years of healing properties of the remedies of Africa, with the minds of scientists around the world. We are dedicated to discovering solutions.

inkomfeŽ pronounced "in-kom-fee", originates from the south eastern tip of the African continent. inkomfeŽ products contain unique blends of extracts from indigenous South African plants. For centuries the people of South Africa have valued these plants and used them in various forms for healing, cleansing, detoxification and beautification. inkomfeŽ derives its name from the Zulu word used for the plant commonly known as the "African Potato". inkomfeŽ products do not contain any extracts of animal origin or alcohol, and the makers of inkomfeŽ do not conduct or endorse animal testing.

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inkomfeŽ News


  • For the First Time I now have Nice Nails.

Thank you for the inkomfe Skin Repair I Love it.

  • inkomfe Skin Repair - a great find!

It has eliminated the need for 2 creams!

  • inkomfe Skin Repair

Its light and easy and very moisturising